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Gijbels family

Through time

The first fruits and vegetables were sold by the Gijbels family in 1948. In the meantime, the company has grown to become an international player that distributes more than 100 million tonnes of fruits and vegetables every year.

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About Euro Gijbels as a family business

With more than 70 years of history

Generation after generation, we pass our love of fruits and vegetables on to our children. Thanks to their youthful enthusiasm, our company continues to innovate and grow every year. We are grateful for their tireless commitment and are already looking forward to the next generation’s ideas and passion!

1949 first generation

Jozef Gijbels and Elisabeth Hoes start selling fruits and vegetables. First door to door and then in their own village shop in Eindhout. They employ other villagers in order to open a fruit and vegetable stall.

1955 second generation

René and Juliette expand the street stalls to become shops. The warehouse in Eindhout is now bursting at the seams, so they build a 15,000 m2 site at the industrial park in Geel.

1978 third generation

Kris and his wife Annick take over the business. Euro Gijbels has now definitively outgrown the area around the church tower and focuses on sales to the international market. They do this using their own fleet, which today consists of 45 refrigerated and certified lorries.

2012 fourth generation

John and Jolene set up a new logistics site in Spain, where they can grow their own products on 150 hectares of agricultural land. The family business now delivers to big supermarkets and specialist shops.

Gijbels Family

Today, the fifth generation still scamper through the Spanish orchards or play hide and seek among the apples at the warehouse in Geel. Gus, Theo and Renée are developing in a warm environment, where they can grow up carefree and have the opportunity to discover their own passions.