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Family business

With an eye for quality

We grow our own products in our fields in Catalonia and distribute the highest quality seasonal fruits and vegetables throughout Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Germany. Interested in working with us?

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What we can offer you

More than 70 years of Euro Gijbels

The Gijbels family has played an important role in the Belgian market since 1948. Since then, each generation has rolled up their sleeves to make sure Euro Gijbels continues to grow and blossom as a company. They all put their own stamp on the way we work, and we reap the rewards of that every day!

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Spain & Belgium

We have a strong presence in the Belgian market and grow our products in Mont-roig del Camp, in the northeast of Spain.

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Growing together

A great future for our company, your company and the whole world. We continue to innovate and operate more ecologically.


Family business with spirit

We are ready to help our customers day and night. We like to maintain open communication and a great atmosphere here!


Flexible service

Consumers don’t demonstrate regular purchasing patterns. So we will work with you on an optimal sales process.


Euro Gijbels

Spread throughout Europe

Our roots are in the Campine region of Belgium, our production takes place in Spain and our customers are spread over various different countries. Wherever you are, Euro Gijbels is never far away!

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Our company

In a nutshell

If you want to really get to know us, we will be happy to make time for a personal conversation. If you would prefer to find out about Euro Gijbels at a glance, we have already put together a summary for you!

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